Get More Qualified Leads, Track Your Sales Pipeline, and Close More Deals With Speed and Accuracy: Engage with customers, get insights about your business and industry, predict customer behavior, and contract a scalable sales organization with Bionic DI CRM.


Software That Works The Way You Do: When it comes to a CRM solution for your business, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. This is why Bionic DI CRM lets you not only easily add industry specific modules and customer buttons, but also change the overall look and functionality to match your business. We set things up to work the way you do.


Connect With Your Customers, No Matter The Medium: Multichannel support with Bionic DI CRM lets you reach people via the phone, live chat, social media, and even in-person. It’s as simple as using visitor tracking and email analytics to know what your customers are seeing, and find opportunities to engage with them. Communicate, connect and close the deal with Bionic DI CRM.


Know Your Business Inside and Out: Many businesses use multiple apps to store their data, and it is vital that they can speak to one another. If they don’t speak the same language, your data winds up in silos, a major problem, and it is nearly impossible to get a full view of your business. With Bionic DI CRM, we integrate your data and help you gain better insights, and in turn, results.