Discover What a Few Smart Tweaks Could Do For Your Bottom Line

Your email marketing agency should be obsessed with your ROI. At Bionic DI, we are so passionate about generating results, we track every single email we send. We use our state-of-the-art financial modeling tools and integrations to see which tweaks will have the biggest measurable impact on your email return on investment—and which won’t. Should you focus on your list size? Your open rate? Your click-through rate? Your inactive user rate? Or something entirely different?


The ROI Road Map:
You have a revenue goal? We have a map for that! With Bionic DI you get a custom email marketing analysis of your current email strategy to discover what’s working and what’s not, and provide you with our strongest recommendations and solutions for improving your ROI on every level – step by step, starting right now. Never done an email marketing campaign before? No worries. We will have you delivering results to your key stakeholders in no time at all.


Targeted Email Marketing Services:
We don’t just build email campaigns. We build companies. Yours! We will help you create, test, and flawlessly executive expert email strategies that can-and-will-change everything for your business. From automation to increasing customer engagement, we use the following to hit the target each and every time:
  • Email Promotions – Make a Seductive Offer: We will help you find the right offer, test various alert natives, and then optimize templates to deliver to your prospects the one deal they won’t be able to resist.
  • Drip Email Campaigns. Because Relevancy Converts: With many things, time is everything. Speir’s “drip” campaigns deliver the right email at the right (strategic) moment: exactly when your prospects are most likely to buy.
  • Triggered Email Campaigns – Their Action Needs To Trigger Yours: Are you prepared to read your customer’s minds? Seriously. Engage customers based on what they’ve been clicking on with creative responsive emails. 100% automated to make it easy, and customized to make your customers say, “Yes”.
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment – Your Revenue Growth and Stability’s Worst Nightmare: 59.8%: That is the alarming percentage of sales you’re losing every day when your customers abandon their carts. That really adds up! These are the people you identified, nurtured and almost sold. Bionic DI is not in the almost business. Work with us to make sure they don’t check out before they checkout.
  • Re Engagement Campaigns – Are Your Customers Lost At Sea: More bad news: You lose 25% of your subscribers each year due to inactivity alone. We will help you recapture the interest of this very tricky audience segment, and earn back the attention and trust of the the subscribers you never meant to let go.

Custom Email Marketing: Once you get them engaged, you need to keep them engaged.

Ok, so you’ve drawn the right crowd: now you just have to entertain them. The result? Potential one-time customers turn into loyal spenders and brand ambassadors. And you? Turn the revenue up-while keeping costs down.