A Winning Social Media Strategy Begins with Bionic DI

Bionic DI manages your social networks, schedule messages, engage with your audience, and measure ROI from our all-in-one dashboard. With Bionic DI, you can create an industry leading social media strategy, even when you don’t have the time. With just so many hours in each day, let us put your company’s best social media foot forward.

From Chaos To Clarity With The Social Inbox: It’s time to stop wasting time jumping back and forth between social streams. Receive only the social updates you need, instead of combing through a tsunami of unwanted messages. You can even see which team members have already taken action and what still requires attention.

Simplify Your Publishing Process: Schedule individually or in bulk and queue top-performing content to repeat. Have full oversight of your team’s activity by using our interactive calendar or setup workflows so that you can approve their content. The Bionic DI content recommendation engine recommends the best content to share that guarantees more shares and likes.

Create Social Media Reports In Minutes, Not Hours: At Bionic DI, we allow you to create customizable social media reports and delight all key stakeholders with your progress. It’s as simple as using one of our pre-designed templates or even create your own from a plethora of formats. Then it’s as simple as automatically delivering reports to your key stakeholders via email on a schedule that works for all.

Make Team Collaboration Much More Effective: It’s simple to collaborate when utilizing Bionic DI tools. Work more quickly and efficiently using hierarchies, task assignment and approval workflows for your team and key stakeholders. Coordinate your content creation by sharing your library.

Convert Your Social Media Connections Into Actionable Leads:  Bionic DI’s sophisticated prospecting tools enable you to build profitable relationships by targeting and collecting prospects through social media, based on specific interests and their level of influence.

Seize More Opportunities Via Social Listening: It’s as simple as monitoring keywords to know what’s being said about your brand on social networks and blogs. Bionic DI’s social media listening tool helps you to prioritize your replies by highlighting whether mentions are positive, negative or neutral.