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Event Production


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Our Process
Pre-Production: We make your life easy. Period. As you can imagine, there are a ton of details to manage during the pre-production process and Bionic DI manages all of them. Once we develop a theme & branding concept, we use our experts to make sure we are engaging your audience for a full 360 degree experience. We are there every step for you.
Production: We make your life easy. Our staff coordinates the on-site details from when the first truck of equipment arrives until the last attendee departs. We bring live television and theater production experience to your event and are equipped to managing curve balls when things go off script. Your job is to enjoy your event and leave the worrying and making everything perfect to us.
Post-Production: Did we mention we make your life easy? After the attendees have left, we can help you with post event surveys, event recap videos, digital asset management for attendee leave behinds such as photos and other event collateral to leverage for marketing purposes.


Event Services
  • Theme/Branding
  • Scenic/Stage Design
  • Presentation Templates
  • Print Collateral
  • Event Signage
  • Audio/Video
    • Producing
    • Directing
    • Scriptwriting
    • Audio/Video
    • Lighting
    • Camera/IMAG
    • Scenic/Stage
    • Event Management
    • Talent Management
    • Technical Direction
    • Venue Selection
    • Speaker Coaching
    • Floor Plans
Audience Participation:
    • Event Mobile Apps
    • Interactive Polling
    • Live Streaming
    • Icebreaker Activities
    • Q&Q Discussions
    • Off-Site Entertainment
    • Breakout Support


TV Production
Bionic DI links strategy, creative and production with dynamic media buying and advanced analytics to deliver on both sales and branding goals, simultaneously, without compromise or trade-off. We call our approach the Genesis Platform. It’s proven. It works.


Our Process


Strategy: It’s all about being intentional. Before we set a course of action, we use research and brand strategy to develop insights, refine your target audience and shape your brand.

By following our Genesis Platform we can systematically set the stage for success. We have a suite of proprietary tools and methodologies designed to discover everything we need to know about the category, your business and your audience. Armed with insights and knowledge, we can then develop a powerful and actionable strategy. We have proven that the more we do upfront, the better the results will be on the backend. Measure twice; cut once.

Creative: We bring strategies to life and objectives to fruition. We use every form of expression to drive success through all channels. From TV to digital to mobile to print to out of home, we always brand and we always sell. We do not compromise on results.
Media: We have an marketing leading ability to achieve the maximum results for every marketing dollar. Utilizing long-standing relationships, media-buying clout, extensive knowledge of the marketplace and advanced proprietary technology, we are consistently able to outperform our competitors. Delivering on ROI and Brand objectives at the same time, our planners craft innovative multi-channel media strategies unique to each and every client. And we’re tenacious. We don’t rest on our laurels. We don’t rest on results. We don’t rest, period.
Analytics: We employ advanced measurement to both your target audience and sales attribution. Bionic DI uses our proprietary audience segmentation and measurement solution, then uses your customer data to first define discrete segments in your current database. This process then directly activates each segment into TV and digital media.
Once we activate, we know with high confidence who your customer is and where to find more of them. Then, our results measurement and analytics solution, determines sales attribution at the network, day part, and program level – far beyond the immediate “spike” of response. You see exactly which components of your media plan deliver the most sales. We ensure you know precisely how to grow with new customers while ensuring strong business results every step of the way.